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Wintzells Oyster House


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About Wintzells Oyster House

Wintzell’s Oyster House¬†was originally opened in 1938 by Oliver Wintzell. The original location is on Dauphin Street in Mobile, Alabama and has survived the economic woes of the past near century. Wintzell’s goal was to serve up the freshest seafood in town. Wintzell’s is now owned by Southerpointe Group, Inc., who is determined to keep Wintzell’s traditions of amazing seafood and fantastic service at the forefront of each expansion. If you’re in Mobile and looking for a seafood institution, Wintzell’s Oyster House on the Halfshell is the place to be.

What to Order

At Wintzell’s, it’s more like, what not to order. This is seafood done right with super fresh Gulf Coast shrimp, oysters, clams and crawfish that will make a seafood lover squeal. There’s a little something for everyone and best of all, it’s all done with real ingredients. The seafood is brought in nearly every day and Wintzell’s cooks fry, broil and season to their heart’s delight. The slogan at Wintzell’s is they’re able to do oysters, “Fried, Stewed or Nude.” We suggest trying some of every variety to get an idea of what’s best.

Fried food isn’t the most healthy, but at Wintzell’s the breading is so delectably light that you can taste the immense fresh flavor from the oysters shining through. This isn’t a seafood restaurant where fried means the seafood is battered beyond all recognition. A light coat of the restaurant’s special blend of seasoning and flour means a nice crusty layer wrapping each piece of fried seafood.

Stewed is exactly that – oysters stewed in broth and seasonings for a potent flavor that’s out of this world. Nude means the oysters are good to go on their own. If you’ve had nude oysters before and weren’t a fan, you may want to do yourself the favor of trying them at Wintzell’s. Nude oysters are best when they’re fresh, so there’s a chance you may start downing them by the half dozen once you get a taste of the quality Wintzell’s is serving up.

When dining at Wintzell’s, be sure to leave room for dessert. The signature bread pudding is delicious and made from scratch every day. It’s topped with rum sauce for a nice twist. Because you’re in the South, you may also want to try the cobbler, which switches flavors daily. Whatever is fresh and in season is the fruit you’ll find in Wintzell’s cobbler, which is served alongside vanilla bean ice cream.

How Much?

Seafood isn’t cheap. Most of the large seafood entrees top out at about $25. Sandwiches and the lunch menu have plenty of good eats for $10 and under. The desserts average around $5 and you can add extras like scallops or fried shrimp to any steak dinner for the same. That’s a reasonable price considering the quality of food at Wintzell’s. The atmosphere is casual and laid back. This isn’t a fancy restaurant by any stretch of the imagination and the crowd is always open to making new friends.