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Things To Do at the Beach in the Winter

People always flock to the beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast in the summer and never truly know what they are missing with all the things to do at the beach in Winter. The winter time is truly a magical time especially surrounding the gorgeous sandy white beaches that the Gulf Coast is known for. Winter time is the best time to visit or live at the beach. Living here myself, I have witnessed first-hand all of the fun that awaits you on a beautiful wintery day.

One of the most aggravating things during the summer is trying to find a place to go and eat without an hour wait. During, the fall and winter months, you can hit all of your favorite hot spots without worrying with the hustle and bustle of the summer crowds. You will always get the best service because of the low volume of traffic coming in and out. Also, prices tend to go down and there are always specials that can be utilized because of the off season.

With the mild cold of Southern Alabama, winter time is the best time to head to the beach and fly a kite. The wind is perfect and on most days, the temperature is nice enough that all you need is a light jacket. This is also the perfect time for those impromptu beach photos because of the beach being so empty. It is very hard to take nice family photos with a volleyball game going on in the background like during the summer.

My all-time favorite thing to do at the beach during the winter is treasure hunt. You can purchase a decent metal detector at most department stores and head out to find all of the lost treasure of the summer months. If you do not have a metal detector, this is also the best time to go seashell hunting. You can skim the shallow waves after a storm and find the biggest, most colorful shells. If the water is a little too cold, you can walk along the back of the shore and find shell beds (pieces of broken shells scattered along the sand) and dig about a foot to two feet down and find awesome shells.

Living at or visiting Alabama Gulf Coast during the winter is truly a fun experience. All of the joys of the beach life can be experienced during the down months of fall and winter.  For more information things to do at the beach in Winter on the Alabama Gulf Coast or information on our real estate for sale, please contact the sales office for the Jason Will Real Estate Team at 251-866-6464.