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The Identity of the Church

The identity of the Church – Over the past few weeks Pastor Johnny Hunt, of Celebration Church in Fairhope, has been discussing our born identity as christians and established that God’s true church is not meant to be a “Come and See” but rather a “Go and Tell!” In other words, buildings and monuments don’t save people, people filled with the passion of the Holy Spirit save people. Thus, as he evolved our discussion this Sunday in regards to the identity of the church, Pastor Johnny is referring to the corporate body, the worldly congregation of people who have been called upon to join his movement and live out the example of Jesus in all phases of their daily life. We have a responsibility to shoulder the truth and carry it with integrity, and when we shoulder this heavy responsibility, we never miss the glorious moments along the way to give and to serve.

Corporately, we struggle with an identity crisis that dilutes our message among the masses we were tasked to serve. We must be credible, forgiving and bold in our daily lives. We must not let our credibility be rocked by scandal or scandal to weaken our faith. We must forgive all those who trespass against us or risk being held hostage by bitterness. We must be bold and unapologetic in action and delivery of his message, as any greatness in us is simply a reflection of his glory. When shouldering this responsibility becomes heavy, when it feels like you have done all you can to stand, remember to stand your ground and stand firm. You see, prayer alone is not what saves us, it’s the authenticity of transformed living!


The Identity of the Church – Pastor Johnny Hunt of Celebration Church sermon summary by Jason Will of Jason Will Real Estate, LLC, 251-866-6464.