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The Grateful Christian

Tis the season to be Grateful! Pastor Johnny Hunt put his own spin on the term this morning for his new sermon series “Great-ful” – all greatness in the world is born from gratefulness. If you are truly thankful for your blessings in life, then you maintain an attitude of gratitude.

The modern struggle of humanity is the feeling of entitlement. We were meant to live a lifestyle of gratitude, instead society has allowed itself to become consumed with a spoiled mindset of “MINE!” – of “What can you do for me?”, “Somebody owes me something!”, “I deserve more!” and “I want it now!” syndrome. It is human nature to squander and waste that which comes easy in life.

The true test of value is found in the willingness to stand and be proven in seasons of darkness and light, to recognize gratitude as the above average response to the healing power of God’s love. The secret to being content with your lot in life, is recognizing the organization and ownership of it all, that every good and perfect gift comes from above. Be mindful that every blessing you don’t return with thanks and praise, turns to pride.

Jesus became common so that he could be great. He took a place of humility in all things, in every situation and circumstance. When we fall in love with things we lose focus on the example of our master. Approaching life with a grateful heart will convict us to lay down our prideful rights and pick up our true purpose, to be spiritually led out of our brokenness and dysfunction. To empower others by example to seek righteousness in the light of our own faithfulness. Life is simply an opportunity to serve others!

Don’t look for a pat on the back but rather someone to restore with an attitude of gratitude. Don’t live entitled, live empowered to make a difference in this moment and in the seasons ahead. Remember that wealth should be community driven and glory is meant to be given and not received. Live grateful and watch the blessings pour out in your life!