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Spot of Tea Mobile AL

Spot of Tea
310 Dauphin St
Mobile, AL 36602
(251) 433-9009

About Spot of Tea

Spot of Tea has been in Mobile for over a decade. Nestled in Lower Dauphin Street Commercial Historic District, Spot of Tea boasts it’s “the place to be” for locals and travelers alike. Spot of Tea is a favorite for those from Canada and England (snowbirds, as they’re known) who visit Mobile for an extended period of time during November through April to get away from the blustery weather they face in their towns. Spot of Tea has added a sidewalk cafe of 10 tables, making it easy for patrons to enjoy a breezy summer night in Mobile with good food and good company.

What to Order

Think tea, brunch and basic American food done light at Spot of Tea. We don’t mean light as in healthy, but light in that you won’t get a massive portion or other hefty foods one usually thinks of when thinking of American cuisine. For breakfast, there are waffles, omelettes, bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, plus various plays on eggs benedict.

There’s also the Eggs Cathedral, which is raved about by nearly every reviewer who was smart enough to order it for breakfast or brunch. The Eggs Cathedral involves an English muffin topped with a crab cake, seafood sauce and eggs, served alongside blackened Mexican grouper fish and crawfish. This is an inventive breakfast dish that’s ideal for the seafood lover who’s looking for a fresh take on breakfast.

Spot of Tea is a huge fan of sandwiches. Expect a light cucumber sandwich, which is an essential for afternoon tea. There’s also a veggie patty melt, the classic chicken salad sandwich and various clubs. If you’re craving something more, try the Cajun po-boy sandwich, which has a slight kick to it. There’s also a Monte Cristo sandwich, which is fried like French toast and covered with sugar with ham and cheese melted inside. These are traditional comfort foods with a twist and we’re thankful Spot of Tea was wise enough to think of adding these fun additions to the menu.

For dinner, there’s an array of steaks and seafood. The prime rib, filet mignon and rack of lamb are all done in a classic style. Spot of Tea serves only grass fed beef, which means the flavor of the meat is exceptional. There’s also a classic Courdon Bleu chicken, which was added to the menu for a friend of the owners’. It’s touches like these that make Spot of Tea “the place to be” in Mobile when you’re looking for delicious food from friendly people. In the seafood department there’s shrimp or scallops over pasta with a house made Alfredo sauce. There’s also two versions of grouper and shrimp and crab meat au gratin, perfect for the cheese lover in you!

How Much?

The most expensive thing at Spot of Tea are dinner entrees, which run between $15-$20. For grass fed steak, that’s a steal as you’d easily pay twice the price if you were at a resort or in a big city like New York. Breakfast hovers around $12 and under, and most of the sandwiches on the menu are $9 or less.