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Mobile Botanical Gardens


Mobile Botanical Gardens (MBG) was established in 1974 and sits on 100 acres of cultivated gardens, woodland trails, and longleaf pines in Mobile, Alabama. Founded by a group of horticulturalists, the Gardens is dedicated to preserving native plants and educating the community.

A non-profit 501(c)3 organization, the Gardens encourages visitors of all ages to appreciate, understand, and benefit from the unique Gulf Coast environment. It houses several different cultivated areas and native habitats, each with its own focus.

Fern Glade

Between the wildlife trails and Wintergarden, Fern Glade is nourished by springs and contains countless varieties of ferns, as well as cardinal spear and Louisiana iris. Visitors follow trails and cross bridges in an idyllic setting.


Wintergarden is a one-acre site that contains literally hundreds of camellias, including the following: historical camellias, those that originated in or were introduced to the U.S. before 1920; Mobile-area originations, those originating along the Gulf Coast; Camellia classics, those considered the best for garden purposes, regardless of origin; and other species, including hybrids and rare Asian species.

Fragrance & Texture Garden

One of the first gardens at MBG, the Fragrance & Texture Garden was designed with the enjoyment of the visually impaired in mind. Of course, everyone can enjoy this site, but with fragrant cypresses, cherry trees, Lily-of-the-Valleys, firs, and hydrangeas, among others, those with visual impairments can especially enjoy this aromatic garden.

Herb Garden

An intimate garden that charms the senses, this garden seeks to educate visitors about the cultivation of herbs. In addition to containing traditional culinary herbs, there are ones used for fragrance, medicinal purposes, beauty, practical household applications, and spiritual purposes.

Japanese Maple Garden

Adjacent to the Herb Garden, this peaceful area is the setting for a large collection of Japanese maples and includes a memorial wall entrance with tributes to loved ones.

Longleaf Pine Forest

This forest, one of the last of its kind within the Mobile city limits, is located on 27 acres within MBG. There are dozens of trails line with thousands of wildflowers. Periodically, Longleaf Pine Forest undergoes controlled burns to preserve the trees and encourage reseeding.

ReBloom Mobile Garden

ReBloom Mobile is a concept designed to transform the health and appearance of Mobile’s landscape and gardens. A small portion of MBG has been set aside as a model demonstrating the practical applications of the concept. It seeks to educate the public on preserving Mobile’s beauty while restricting the recent focus in retail of trending away from local Gulf Coast flora.

Rhododendron Garden

Visitors can stroll amidst more than a thousand evergreen azaleas, including native azalea hybrids, that have become part of the most extensive rhododendron collection on the Gulf Coast.

Event Rental Space

Mobile Botanical Gardens is the perfect place for event rentals, from weddings, wedding receptions to baby showers and reunions. Party planners can choose the elegance of the Botanical Center for up to 225 guests or the practicality of the Larkins Learning Center for as many as 150 people.

Regular hours are every day from dawn to dusk, children 12 & under free. Visitors can inquire about classes, guided garden walks, and various garden program activities. Visit for more details.