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Idlewild Subdivision Fairhope AL

Having lived in Idlewild Fairhope AL for over three years, I can tell you first hand all you need to know before buying a home in the subdivision.  The majority of the selling points for the neighborhood are very obvious.  You have in my opinion, an excellent location.  You are close to schools, shopping and approximately 15 minutes from Interstate 10.  Wal-mart is practically in walking distance, so if you need to grab some last minute grocery items for dinner or pick up a prescription, it is right around the corner.  There are presently 3 ways in and out of the subdivision, which will be expanding along with the growth of the overall development.  Having multiple ways in an out of the any community is key for me, especially when you are running late during the school year.

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In addition to location, you have a key amenity that is lacking among many Baldwin County subdivisions, a community pool.  The community pool in Idlewild is an easy place for a play date with the kids and there is also an gazebo, which makes it an ideal spot to host a birthday party.  Sidewalks line every street and cul-de-sac and street lights illuminate them after dark, for added safety.  There are a lot of young families in Idlewild, in addition to retirees, so there was never a shortage of kids for mine to play with after school and on the weekends.

The biggest issue people will have with Idlewild is that it lies within the Fairhope Single-Tax District.  This means that you will not get a warranty deed for the land at closing but rather a 99-year lease agreement.  The best advice I can give to homebuyers looking to invest in Idlewild is Don’t Panic!  The terms of the 99-year lease and a warranty deed are generally the same as it relates to the rights of the property owner.  The city retains the mineral rights of the land and the tax assessment goes directly towards the beautification and improvements to the City of Fairhope.  This fund keeps Fairhope in bloom, our parks and recreations facilities in tip-top shape and allows for projects like bike lanes through town. Fairhope is a very clean, walkable city and the homeowners in the Single-Tax District help to preserve our way of life for future generations to come.  Thus, eliminating a subdivision based on whether or not it is “single-tax” or “deeded” is a mistake in my opinion.

For more information on the Fairhope Single-Tax Corporation, please take a moment to watch the video below, where its purpose and benefits are explained in detail by the Fairhope Mayor Tim Kant.

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