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How and Why We Pray Matters

How and Why We Pray Matters – Pastor Johnny Hunt’s of Celebration Church Fairhope AL First Wednesday Service Sermon Summary.

The City of Fairhope has First Friday Art Walk and Celebration Church has First Wednesday Service. Last night’s service was all about prayer and the power of prayer as the driving force behind transformed living. Pastor Johnny Hunt began with posing these questions: What is prayer? What is the intention or motivation of our prayers?

We must take inventory with ourselves if we pray only for the expectation of reward or if our prayer is a regurgitation of rehearsed words we don’t mean for the benefit of an audience. If the only time we pray is when we need something or over food, then according to scripture, the reward has already been paid in full.

Prayer is designed to guide us toward a life lived for the spirit and not for the flesh. If you believe that the power of prayer is real, then all you need to do is connect to the source by praying before an audience of one, a private discipline that can’t be as impactful when practiced publicly. In other words, prayer is not meant to be a show but rather an opportunity to communicate with the spirit of The Father in an intimate way.

So, how do we begin? Begin with thanksgiving on your lips, be thankful for the simple things we take for granted in life. Next, move toward praise, thanking God for what he has done for his children. Conclude your prayer with worship, loving God for who he is. Keep in mind that both authenticity and discipline can take time, yet both are essential in developing a pattern of consistent communication with God.

Consistent prayer will begin to do works in our life and those we share life with, it will change how we love, how think and how we react toward adversity. It will prepare us to live like we are ready to stand before God and hear the words “Well done!”