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Fairhope Things To Do

Fairhope is one of the top retirement communities in the nation. It has great schools, nice golf courses and some amazing waterfront property locations.  Folks there work hard to protect its quaint small southern town appeal.

Fairhope Real Estate Guide 

From its charming location along the cliffs and the eastern shoreline of Mobile Bay, Fairhope offers a hardy community spirit and quaint Southern small-town ambience with waterfront activities and amenities for young and old alike. As one of the nation’s top retirement communities, Fairhope offers pristine golf courses, an active arts community, museums, shopping and dining. For families, its schools boast top ratings (9 out of 10) based on the Great Schools Rating metrics. Named the “second best small town in the South” in 2007 by Southern Living magazine, the city’s median age is 44. The community’s founders created a village based on a “fair hope of success” that has grown into a city with tree-lined streets, expansive parkways and a thriving central business area. Waterfront properties range from freshwater river shores and brackish bays to the sparkling emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico making Fairhope a sought-after suburb of Mobile.

Interesting Facts:

  • Annual Arts and Crafts Festival: Named a “top show in America” for eleven years, the Fairhope Annual Arts and Crafts Festival features live entertainment, creative cuisine offerings, face painting and fun for all ages.
  • Eastern Shore Trail: Beginning at the USS Alabama on the Causeway, the Eastern Shore Trail, one of Alabama’s 15 National Recreation Trails for pedestrians and slow bicycles, winds throughout the Eastern Shore all the way to Weeks Bay. The 24 miles offer a unique view of Spanish Fort, Daphne and Fairhope, along with opportunities for wildlife sightings and access to the area’s natural trees and wild flowers. Fairhope is roughly the midpoint of the trail.
  • Weeks Bay Estaurine Research Center & Reserve Nature: As part of a national network of coastal reserves, the Weeks Bay Estaurine feature a boardwalk, picnic areas and exhibits. The reserve boasts 6,525 acres of land and water habitat and serves as a nursery for shrimp, bay anchovy, blue crab and a host of other shellfish, crustaceans and marine life.

Good to Know:

  • City of Fairhope: Check the city’s website for access to city departments, resources and community events, City Wi-Fi Hotspots, parks and recreation and other local news and information.
  • Baldwin County Public Schools: Fairhope schools are part of the Baldwin County Public School system. Baldwin County is a national leader in a progressive, innovative digital approach to K-12 learning. Hallmarks of the Digital Renaissance programs are that students are the center of the classroom learning experience. Digital tools empower teachers to connect students with innovative learning opportunities.
  • Fairhope Public Library: Library services include youth and teen programs, adult summer programs, meeting rooms, book reviews and computer classes and a computer lab. Visit the library’s Civil War Room Collection and enjoy a bit of history.
  • Gulf Coast Senior Alliance: A team of professionals, from healthcare specialists to Financial Advisors, pledge high ethical standards of service to the area’s senior community.
  • Fairhope Single Tax Colony: As one of only two single tax colonies remaining in the united states, the economic basis of the colony is based on the model of a colony free from forms of private monopoly and to secure to its members “equality of opportunity, the full reward of individual efforts, and the co-operation in matters of general concern.” When a buyer purchases a building on Colony land, they acquire ownership of the building, but only a 99-year lease on the land. Rather than paying real estate taxes to the various government entities, lessees pay rent to the Single Tax Corporation.

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