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City of Magnolia Springs

Magnolia Springs has a rich history, having been settled and established by a land grant in 1800 and home to many post Civil War veteran families.  Tucked securely in the curves of the Magnolia River, this gorgeous town along the river’s edge with an abundance of natural springs is well-loved by those who live in Alabama.  In fact, the town’s name is a result of a tribute to those springs and the abundant magnolia trees found throughout Magnolia Springs. Natural beauty can be found throughout Magnolia Springs with giant oak trees and blooming camellia, azalea, wisteria, dogwood, and magnolia blossoms as well as by watching the water birds and other wildlife along the river banks.

An active community, Magnolia Springs is home to a Community Association, established over one hundred years ago, where people who live in Magnolia Springs meet monthly to celebrate food, fun, facts, and friendship.  Living in Magnolia Springs allows residents the advantages of small town life near a metropolis with Pensacola and Mobile less than an hour’s drive away. Magnolia Springs is often referred to as the “New South” as it combines “southern hospitality” with “newer” outside influences to create  a relaxed and gracious community.

Magnolia Springs is located within the Baldwin County Public School District and students attend Magnolia School, Foley Middle School, and Foley High School.

Magnolia Springs, known for its “classic southern hospitality” is located at the beginning of the Magnolia River in south Baldwin County, Alabama, about fifty miles or forty-five minutes from Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida.  Owning a home in Magnolia Springs allows you to live in a small town while being close to a big city.

Magnolia Springs Real Estate Guide

Magnolia Springs State Park, the original site of Lawton Camp during the Civil War, offers natural beauty alongside historical significance.  A boardwalk spanning the waterfront and a 28-acre lake, perfect for boating and fishing, allow visitors to learn about Magnolia Springs wildlife, from water fowl to alligators.

If you are looking for a fantastic meal, you need to stop in to Jesse’s Restaurant in Magnolia Springs! A combination restaurant and store, Jesse’s will make you feel right at home with their exceptional service and Southern hospitality.

Magnolia Springs is not known as a shopping destination, although there is plenty of shopping in nearby Mobile. If you want to enjoy a nice place to stay in Magnolia Springs, try Magnolia Springs Bed & Breakfast.