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Christian Generosity

The World We Want, Sermon Series Part 2: The current theology of our nation is based on material and physical happiness. Pastor Johnny Hunt of Celebration Church in Fairhope, reminded us last week that lasting happiness can’t be sustained by the superficial gratifications of this world, rather happiness exists in the choice to live a generous life and to be grateful for all our many blessings. In other words we believe more in our standard of giving, than our standard of living!

Our mission work must begin from within. We must be transformed by the spirit of giving, before the seeds of our mission field can be harvested and used as a conduit to touch the world. The world you want can be achieved through a generous life, for generosity is born from the inherent joy of giving.

For a lot of us, replacing selfishness with selflessness will be one of the great challenges of our lives. Yet, we must believe that the resources to meet this challenge head-on lies within us. It is by the simple act of making the correct choice that our faith is risen and our conviction to live for something greater than ourselves is strengthened.

When we respond to challenges with generosity, we become convicted to turn our hearts and minds over to God, thereby removing the debt of our past transgressions. The generous acts of this life will become the honored legacy we leave behind and will be celebrated through the future generosity of those we have inspired.

Christian Generosity sermon summary by Jason Will of Jason Will Real Estate 251-866-6464.