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What you need to know when you are About The Move 

Choosing a Quality, Convenient, and Certified moving company can be quite daunting. But in all honesty it doesn’t have to be a headache. That’s why I took the time to sit down with Josh, owner of About The Move, to go over how you and your belongings should be taken care of and insured! Josh has been in business for going on 4 years and recently branched out to Baldwin County Alabama from Haleyville, AL. His company prides itself on Integrity and that shows with his employees and clients. Honestly, meeting Josh and seeing his work ethic on a personal level is quite inspiring. Here is some great and reliable information he provided during our chat.

Interviewing and Pricing a move should consist of the following:

  • Ask are you licensed and insured? Accredited companies should be Interstate/Intrastate Licensed, Carry Liability Coverage, State Business License, Authority to work License and Liability. About The Move is fully licensed with all of the above and more.
  • How much coverage are they insured for? About The Move carries 2 Million in coverage.
  • Accreditations that they have earned and that they are currently holding. A couple accreditations that About The Move holds are an A rating with the BBB., and is also a Certified Proffessional with Home Adviser.
  • What amenities and special services are offered to you? Does the company your speaking to offer Exclusive Pick Up and Delivery, Streamline (No 3rd Party) interferance, Gauranteed Times, Dismantling/Wrapping/Remantling, Custom Packing and Crating, Interum Storage with Long Term Option and are Climate Controlled? You Guessed it, About The Move provides all of these 1st Class services plus more!
  • PRICING! I know everyone dreads recieving an outragious quote. No Fear About The Move is HERE! If you are quoted to high or to low please be wary, you may be about to get scammed! Make sure to get it in WRITING and meet them in person. Please DO NOT wire or direct transfer funds for your move. Make sure to ask about additional Fees and that they are also included in your quote! No one appreciates sticker shock! Is the company charging you by the hour, are they charging you mileage/fuel, materials and if you use a credit or debit card is there any additional funds to be added?

Thank you for taking the time to read and review About The Move. It has been my pleasure working with and talking to Josh. A few things I personally took away from our meeting was he’s local, caring, humble and takes a great deal of integrity in his work. These qualities, I believe, make him stand out as a smalll business owner and friend.

So, if you have read this and are interested in Josh’s services or obtaining a quote for services give him a call at 251-525-0288. Also, if you have any Real Estate needs give me a call I am happy to be of assistance. Kristina Bentley, JWRE 251-274-0707.

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