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Tailored Pest Solutions

In this episode of the Magic City Business podcast, my co-host The Magic City Cowboy and I chat with Tristen Rush of Tailored Pest Solutions.

Most people build a house to keep the weather out, but not pests or rodents. That’s where exterminators come in, and Tristen knows more than your average bug man. He was always interested in insects and changed careers to extermination. His company has worked with Jason on his carpenter bee infestation. Tristen explains that it would take a long time for bees to wear down the integrator and destroy your deck or porch, but they can cause damage.

Most problems don’t make Tristen nervous, but he says he’s always cautious when he receives a raccoon call. Not only can they be dangerous because they carry rabies, the adults can also be aggressive. Tristen is a self described conservationist, who does try to release animals when he can. There are laws in Alabama that make it illegal to take a mammal across county lines, or across bodies of water. Another problem animal Tristen encounters is opossums. They can be aggressive, and Tristen says they’ve also created some of the worst flea and tick infestations he’s ever seen.

Roaches are one of the most hated infestations, but Tristen says in small amounts they aren’t dangerous. However, roaches are still the number one cause of childhood asthma in America. While most insect problems can be taken care of from the outside, roach infestation must be taken care from the inside. No matter what chemical you spray for infestation, they are poisonous. Tristen explains that because of this he doesn’t recommend having chemicals sprayed inside unless it is absolutely necessary.

As the episode wraps up, Tristen explains that in addition to bugs and insects, his company is usually able to help with any four legged animal problems.

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