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Realtor In Recovery From Alcoholism

Amazing IMPACT Agent Podcast Interview With The Jasper, Alabama’s Realtor In Recovery!

On this special episode, I sit down with Sharreda McCullar Anderson to unpack her turbulent life, strict upbringing, fall into extreme alcoholism, her road to recovery, and how she eventually is taking back control of her life, career, and future.I hope that Sharreda’s story will inspire others struggling with addictions to carry forward and show business owners and salespeople the true power of authenticity and vulnerability. Authenticity and vulnerability are the new voices of modern leadership, as they are our greatest source of strength. We should live our truth out loud at home, at work, and on social media, and all strive to regain control of our spiritual, mental, and emotional health. Plus, Sharreda shares her path to real estate and how she is making waves in her local market and taking the time to help others in recovery find balance and hope.

“Thoughts And Feelings Come, And I Have To Differentiate Between The Truth And The Faults. And Then I Control My Behavior, And My Behavior Reinforces Thoughts And Feelings, Whereas, Like, One Little Thing Could Happen, And I Would Just Think My Whole Life Sucked. And It’s Not That Way Anymore. It’s About Breaking It Down Into The Small Stuff And Not Giving Away My Power So Easily.” – Sharreda

A New Beginning: A Recovery Facility for Women saved Sharreda’s life. If you know someone struggling with addiction, perhaps these kind folks can help.

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