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    Jayne Hardy, Homemaker Mom of Six to Career

    Three years ago I decided the boys were growing up, needing more independent room for growing into young men and were not needing me like they did when they were babies.  I decided at that moment that it was time for me to pick a career after being home raising a family for 20 years.  I wanted to have the flexibility to be at their school functions and their athletic events they took part in.  I did not want to miss anything they were in.

    After thinking about my options and what I liked, could I see myself in that career forever?  I wanted something that would give me the ability to continue working past retirement if I chose, to always stay active in doing what I love.  To keep me busy after all the kids have grown up and left home.  I kept tossing the ideas around and I always came back to real estate.  It offered me the things that I needed and wanted for a career and in my life.  It also offered me what I needed to continue my first love, being a mom of six sons!   I felt after making that decision, I had the best of both worlds, my passion, my family and a career that I loved.

    I dove in and got my license, picked a company to place my license and stayed there a year.  During that year, it was a roller coaster ride, I always felt like something was missing.  Every day was a new struggle, I always heard, “the first three years are the hardest…”  I was not a quitter, so I had to stay there a year before I decided I needed to be somewhere else.  I had a friend tell me about Jason Will Real Estate and told me to check them out.   I had never heard of them before and knew nothing about them.  I was assured though, from my friend, “that’s where I belonged!”  I called Jason and spoke to him about his company, JWRE, their core values, their culture.  All the things he told me were shocking, things I needed and they offered!  The support, the training, the coaching.  I made my way into their office that week and transferred my license to JWRE Fairhope and their midtown Mobile office opened a month later.  I now work out of all three locations, Fairhope, Mobile and Orange Beach!  I wanted the ability to help my clients where ever they wanted to go.

    To current day I have been at JWRE six months and this has been one amazing place! The core value, culture, and faith, the support they give to help everyone be successful in their business, in branding themselves.  This was truly a blessing, God puts people in our path for reasons!

    I would be honored to work for you in helping you find your dream home or the land to build your dream home on.  If you are looking for a beach house or a condo, I can help with that as well.   If you are needing to list your home to sell, I would be honored to work for you!

    Give me a call or text me at 251-591-3801

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