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Home Loan Approval Tips

Home Loan Approval Tips from The Diana Will Lending Team At Princeton Mortgage

🚨 #1 – Verification of Income 🚨

The 3 Keys of Income Verification:

✅ Transparency

✅ Accuracy

✅ Honesty

There’s a chance that we can still help you if you withhold documents, provide false documents, or misrepresent your earnings.

YET, if you do… We definitely ain’t closing without a contract extension and..


☑️ Can Give Sellers An Opportunity To Walk.

☑️ Can Jeopardize Your Interest Rate Lock.

🔥 Give us exactly what we need, when we need it and this will be the most EFFORTLESS lending experience of your life! 🔥

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Call or Text Diana Will with your mortgage lending questions at 251-508-1336.

Watch this video before you apply for a home loan with the Diana Will Lending Team! 👀

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