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Former Model Home in Woodmont Foley AL

Woodmont Foley AL

For numerous upgrades in a beautiful brick home that still shows like NEW, look no further than 18935 Isleworth Way in Foley, AL.  This Adam’s Home was the original model home for Woodmont Subdivision when the sellers walked in and fell in love!  Built in 2012, with only one owner who has meticulously maintained the property, the home is a fabulous turn-key opportunity.  Being a model home, the upgrades included all the “bells and whistles” that the homebuilder had to offer (extensive list included).  As we explore the many facets of this Foley gem, inserted into the blog will be statements drawn from an interview between the seller and the real estate agent concerning the property.  This interview offers an insightful view into the specific details and distinctive features of 18935 Isleworth Way.

Located in the heart of Baldwin County, this move-in ready home is near incredible shopping and only minutes from beautiful white sandy beaches, yet quietly situated in the serenity of rural south Alabama.  From the Tanger Outlets and the Eastern Shore Centre, to world class resort destinations just a short drive away, the surrounding communities offer almost limitless opportunities for entertainment, shopping, dining, and even higher education!  Also, unique to this particular home, is an advantage that the current owner has enjoyed immensely;  the Foley Municipal Airport,  directly adjacent to Woodmont Subdivision.   See what the seller has to say about how the location has served to enhance his personal hobby:

Agent:  Any interests or hobbies you enjoy on or near the property?

Seller:  “Yes, FLYING! Being basically across the street from the Foley Municipal Airport, we observe airplanes taking off and landing, etc. And, it is awesome. We have come to discover that these flights that we witness on a daily basis are Naval Flight Officers doing their “IFS, Initial Flight Screening” to ascertain as to whether or not they are potential US Navy pilot and US Navy Flight Officers! They fly with CFI’s (Certified Flight Instructors) that evaluate their performances and submit their findings to the US Navy, Pensacola! I must add that we have had the privilege to meet one of these incredible flight instructors that fly and evaluate and determine if him/her have what it takes to proceed to the next step in their flight training! I also, personally have had the privilege, upon invitation, to go flying as well and to learn what is taught to these Naval Officers already commissioned from the US Navy. I have leaned a tremendous amount of information as to what is happening at Foley Municipal Airport and am proud to see and hear the future of Naval aviation as it starts right here in Foley, AL. I have a police scanner that I have tuned to the Foley, Gulf Shores, Fairhope, and other surrounding airports and physically listen to the radio traffic of these flights. We listen everyday on the scanner to the flight operations at all of the local airports with specific focus on Foley! We also listen to all local police and fire (the jurisdictions the scanner will pick up) and are very familiar with their operations as well. Lastly, during spring, summer and fall, it is absolutely awesome to watch the local Crop Duster dive bomb the nearby farming fields! It is like a one airplane airshow!”

The home itself is nicely situated on a spacious corner lot with manicured professional landscaping.  Measuring a sizeable 2,831 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, a growing family would feel right at home!  Or for those who enjoy entertaining, the design of this floor plan lends itself to hosting houseguests and grand dinner parties.  In the main living areas, consisting of the formal living room, great room, keeping room (or dining area) and kitchen, the upgrades are truly plentiful!  From trey ceilings with crown molding and recessed lighting, to ceiling fans, hardwood flooring and an inviting gas fireplace, this home has all the amenities for comfort, style and affordability.  

According to the seller, the absolute highlight of the entire property is the MASSIVE KITCHEN!  With sparkling black granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, a huge island and separate buffet, the layout, functionality and aesthetic quality of the kitchen is superb.  Flowing directly into the spacious dining area/keeping room, the wide open space allows for connectedness among the family or guests from the kitchen into the extended gathering area.  Presently the dining area is utilized as a keeping room with a large mounted flat screen HD TV, which conveys with the property!  

Agent:  How did you know this was the home you were meant to buy?

Seller:  “From the minute we walked into the house and saw the floor plan and layout, we knew it would fit our lifestyle! Walking through the front door into the foyer with the formal dining room to the right and the realtor office (Original Model Home) to the left, (our computer room and office) then into the main living room area was amazing! The high ceilings with the tray ceilings and the crown molding, ceiling fans, and huge living room which also included the ceiling high built in shelf made us feel that we had entered into a home that was superior and the most modern home we have ever been in. Continuing into the house further, we discovered the kitchen… At this point, I believe it was pretty much decided that we wanted this house! Standing in the kitchen and just looking around in awe, our thoughts and possibilities seemed endless! The size and layout of the kitchen was second to none! The “keeping room” which we just plainly considered as part of the kitchen because it was, just added so much more to a room that we spend almost all of our waking hours in. We decorated the “keeping room” as a separate entity from the kitchen because it had it’s own tray ceiling, also with gorgeous crown molding and own ceiling fan! However, although it’s own entity, it still remained a part of the kitchen as we visioned a large flat screen wall mounted HD TV to enjoy while preparing dinner, entertaining, watching football with neighbors, etc., as it also had a direct entry and exit to the covered porch on the back of the house. Having this kitchen with all the windows, the views of the airport, the corner lot, the fact that this house was the Original Model Home definitely indicated that it was meant for us. We are the type of people that stay home and cook meals, enjoy the sunlight streaming through the windows, and attempt to reap all the benefits of our beautiful home, wherever it may be. As soon as it is warm/cool enough we open windows for the fresh air and breezes! (which we always have here) The living room was huge and if/when we do eventually leave the kitchen and retire to the main living room, it is extremely cozy and inviting.  I can confidently say that we were sold on this house within the first 5 minutes of our visit. (Whether we could afford it or not) Lastly, I had always told myself that “my next house was going to have a huge kitchen!” In my case, it finally came true! To answer this question: WIFE SAID SO.”

As for the exterior of the home and surrounding lawn, the upgrades and distinctive features continue!  The rear of the home boasts a large covered concrete patio with brick columns.  Two separate entryways from the patio, one into the great room and the other into the kitchen area, make outdoor entertaining a snap!  The back patio overlooks the sprawling lawn, which is unfenced, affording an unimpeded view of the rural surroundings.  The sprinkler system (with 7 zones) helps keep the lawn green and lush throughout the warmer months.  Rain gutters, around the complete perimeter of the home, also help preserve the appearance and health of the lawn.  

Agent:  What have become your top 5-10 favorite features of the home?

Seller:  “I cannot be accurate with the top favorites because everything I mention may be classified as equally favorite.  We are always in the kitchen! It’s bright, it’s roomy, there is direct access to the rear covered porch, there is access to the garage through the laundry off the kitchen.  This kitchen is everything anyone could ever want! I am sitting here typing this now from the island with recessed lighting overhead! Some additional features, also very difficult to rate on a scale are, the corner lot, the side entry garage, the water sprinkler system. (great stress reliever when the sun is setting and the sprinklers are on and you just stand there and watch the water hitting the grass!) Trust me, pour a glass of wine, wait until about 7 pm on a warm spring night, turn on the sprinklers and stand and watch…Another favorite feature is the bright sunshine that streams into this house because of all the windows as well as the breezes! Being next to the wide open Foley Municipal Airport acreage, there always seems to be a very nice breeze. We love all the cabinets and cabinet space, the laundry being just off the kitchen as well as a half bath makes it extremely convenient.  Love the recessed lighting throughout, love the tray ceilings and crown molding throughout, the hardwoods, carpeting, the “Navco” flooring, etc.”

Agent:  Were schools a factor in your decision to purchase this home?

Seller:  “No factor at all since we have no children.”

Agent:  Where do you find yourself spending the most time in the home and why?

Seller:  “As I mentioned above, several times… the kitchen.  I have been a homeowner for almost 30 years and this kitchen is the best one I have even BEEN in. We had a Christmas party with approximately 14-16 guests in 2014. These guest’s ages were from mid 30’s to early 70’s. This gathering lasted approximately 4 hours. At NO time did anyone LEAVE the kitchen!!! (Smokers did retreat outside to the covered back porch to support their habit) Upon their return, everyone REMAINED in the kitchen. We do have a 60″ HD TV mounted with additional seating in the“keeping room” portion of the kitchen, however everyone was still engaged with each others conversations even being in the “keeping room” area of this kitchen. It was truly amazing and many compliments were given during and after this social gathering of friends during a great time of year!  I do sleep approximately 8 hours in the master bedroom daily, however I have fallen asleep in the kitchen “keeping room” on the welcoming wicker furniture we currently decorate with.”

Agent:  What improvements have you made to the home or property over the years?

Seller:  “This home being the model there really wasn’t much we could do. Actually we downsized the front flower beds by removing a few shrubs/trees that were overtaking the entry sidewalk.  Regarding improvements, like I said since it was the “Model Home” for the subdivision we didn’t need to do much if anything. We did consult 3 custom gutter installers and eventually had custom seamless gutters installed from a well known (and came highly recommended) installer and to date have worked flawlessly and are guaranteed. We also installed some solid wood door upper and lower cabinets in the garage that span the entire length of the rear wall of the garage.  Excellent cabinets for a workshop.

Agent:  What are your favorite grocery stores and shops in the area?

Seller:  “Don’t have a favorite. Does anyone? That being said, Wal-Mart for household items and most food items. Piggly Wiggly for vegetables; the Pig’s wine and beer selections are also amazing.  Pierre the wine and beer manager there is very knowledgeable in both categories! The steaks and pork chops are also very affordable at the Pig as opposed to Wal-Mart, Winn Dixie, etc.  In the summer time look to Krupinski’s in Foley, and Casselbaums in Lillian for your fresh vegetables!”

Agent:  Average utility costs in summer and winter?

Seller:  “Energy bills (without looking to be specific) range anywhere from $ 110.00 to $220.00.  Heat settings, Air Conditioner settings, etc., all determine your billing. Typically I can say that the water bill is approximately $20.00 – $30.00 per month (not using the sprinkler system) and perhaps $50.00 +/- when using it 3-4 times a week for 10-20 minutes per zone. (7 zones)”

Agent:  What will you miss most about living in or owning this property, as well as the surrounding community?

Seller:  “Once again, I do not think I can commit to ONE specific thing I will miss most about not living or owning here. Love the house, love the corner lot, love the side entry garage, love the KITCHEN, love the warm, subtleness of the living room, love the airport and love the location of this community! Woodmont is just far enough from downtown, but, still close enough to be where you want to be in 10 minutes, or less! And, you’re not in some tiny house in some tiny community with 4 stop signs and a traffic light before you get on any main road! This house, subdivision, location, etc., is the best of ALL worlds you could want. Our neighbors are friends with very much the same personalities all working toward the same goals… Homeowners that live here take pride in their homes and all seem to be happy to be here! During our living tenure here, I personally have not heard anything negative from ANY homeowner here about anything! As you know, this particular community/subdivision is expanding as we speak! This entire area seems to be on a NEVER ending expansion explosion and it is justifiably so because it is an extremely desirable place to live! Lastly I will miss the friends that I have made while being here. There are many and we will remain friends even though we do not live here anymore. I will be back quite often to observe the continuing growth of my neighborhood and to stay close to my neighborhood friends!”

Agent:  If you don’t mind me asking, why have you decided to sell your home?

Seller:  “My family situation regarding care of my wife’s aging parents…We had stumbled upon a home with some significant land for sale.  We realized that this was possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity and decided to capitalize on it.  We will definitely MISS our neighbors, and definitely MISS the airport and to some degree miss the ease of being local to the drugstore, Wal-mart, etc.  Although in the country we are still only about 15 – 20 minutes from Wal-Mart.”

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Upgrades Included by Adam’s Homes:

Sprinkler System- $5,500

Side Entry Garage- $2,500

Kitchen Granite- $6,000

Corner Lot- $2,500

Fireplace- $3,000

Can Lights (Sitting Area, 4 @ $60)- $240

Crown Molding Package- $3,400

Rain Gutters- $2,300

Blinds- $2,100

Mailbox, Garage Openers, Stone inlay Address- $1,200

Refrigerator- $2,100

Full Sod- $1,000

Beveled Mirrors- $250

Schoolhouse Doors- $400

Additional Can Lights (18 @ $60)- $1,080

Hardwood Floors (Foyer and Dining)- $3,100

Upgraded Navco- $2,500

Washer and Dryer- $1,600

Tour the Former Model Home in Woodmont Foley AL with the Jason Will Real Estate Team 251-866-6464!





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