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    Art on a Limb Fairhope AL

    Knitters Gonna Knit – Come check out Art on a Limb Fairhope, AL Sept 10 – 30

    Nothing says Fairhope like funky, fresh art and beautiful trees. So, the idea of green branches covered in colorful yarn makes perfect sense! The wide variety of Art on a Limb creations can be viewed from September 10th – 30th all around downtown Fairhope. I recommend parking to take a stroll around town because it is just not enough to drive past each installment to get the full effect. We can thank the incredible Eastern Shore Art Center (ESAC) and the Committee for Public Art (COPA) for bringing us this whimsical display of stitchery. It is a creative way to bring teams together to sponsor a tree, with proceeds going to benefit the ESAC Outreach Programs.

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    The funky (and enormous!) mermaid caught the attention of my middle daughter right away. My oldest was drawn to the adorable swinging child reading a book in a tree outside of the Fairhope Public Library. My youngest peppered me with questions about the red poppies attached to the tree outside of the ESAC. My personal favorite is the funky, large tree trunk wrapped in yarn outside of the Wells Fargo Bank on Section Street.

    Unlike some forms of outdoor art (notably graffiti), the yarn bombing is meant to display art without any disruption to the nature around it. I have no idea how to crochet anymore, but as I admired the creations downtown, memories resurfaced of watching the speckled hands of my elderly next-door neighbor as she tried to teach me as a child. Maybe I’ll pick up a couple rolls of yarn and see if it is like getting back on a bicycle. Go check out the outdoor installment and come back to share your favorite!

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    2 Responses to “Art on a Limb Fairhope AL”

    • Adrienne Clow

      Written on

      Anne, thank you so much for spreading the word on the Eastern Shore Art Center’s event! We have loved every minute of it and hope that our residents and newcomers to Fairhope do as well 🙂

      • Anne Dorman

        Written on

        Hey Adrienne – I love the fun ways that fairhope engages art and the community – and wanted to spread the word! This outdoor installation is so unique and I would hate for visitors to overlook it and miss out on the fun! Anne Dorman


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