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Alabama’s Premiere Real Estate School

Welcome to the Magic City Business podcast, a podcast dedicated to celebrating the people, tech, and systems behind the best businesses in Birmingham, Alabama.

On this episode, Jason welcomes Mark Yarbrough, the owner of MY Real Estate School. Mark shares briefly about his personal real estate journey and his family’s background in the business before jumping into the details of the industry. Learn about the significant technology changes that have transformed this industry from the early 90s till today—from map books to GPS’s, and even courthouse retrieval.

Jason jumps into talking about the real estate industry by addressing the “black cloud” that looms over the poor image that a Realtor can have today. Mark talks about the crooks in every industry who can ruin the overall images, but also sees that both homes and cars are significant investments that people talk about more—the stakes are higher.Mark transitions into talking about his own journey in getting into the teaching side, rather than the sales. When Mark heard about a school that came up for sale, and learned about the online education accompanying it, he decided to shift that direction and focus there during the recession. Mark talks about his short jolt in the mortgage retail and then back into sales and how working in all three industries simultaneously proved to really serve one another.

How does Mark make his classes exciting? While the information itself isn’t thrilling, Mark talks about his motto to both have fun and take care of business, without ever compromising one for the other. Hear about some exciting stories from his backgrounds in the various components of the industry.Jason shifts the rest of this episode towards asking Mark his advice for those looking at getting into the realty business. Mark has a keen eye of who will make it in the real estate business and who won’t. He talks about the importance of self discipline, being out in the public, and managing your own time. Learn that it is not easy being your own boss and what psychological issues you will have to overcome. Mark also asserts that this is a learning process, so patience will certainly be required. He shares his own strategies to set boundaries in order to make him do the things he needs to do—listen to his morning meetings that help overcome his lack of self discipline, and what the power of accountability can help accomplish. Jason and Mark both agree that freedom is the both the best and worst part of this particular business.

What about advice for a part time agent? Listen to the financial realities of getting started in real estate and the need to set your “target” transition date. Mark shares how to prepare for one major event by first anticipating and managing many tiny events to lead up to it. Do you love what you do? Do you know how to have colorful and meaningful conversations? These are strategic advantages for sales and might just help you in real estate! Is it better to take online classes or in-person classes? Mark honestly shares the pros and cons of each choice, but ultimately leaves the listeners with considering the importance of self reflection and honesty. You must be able to accurately analyze your own strengths and weaknesses to make the best decisions for success!


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