3 Things Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

    If you could go back to your first day on the job, what would you tell yourself? Most agents would want to tell themselves about how tough the competition is, or how patient you must be, or that you should have a nest egg saved up of about 3-6 months before you start being your own boss. All true, but I don’t want to survive in real estate, I want to WIN.

    1. Learning based Agents Win

    Learn, Learn, Learn. Soak it all in. Every moment spent listening to that popular new song is a moment missed to pick up on that new strategy. Every funny YouTube video should be replaced by a scripting call. Set aside time in the day strictly spent on learning-based opportunities. Learn about your clients. Do research on them and be involved in their lives. They are trusting you with one of if not the biggest transaction of their lives. Learn about your competition. Research what sets you apart and where they fail.

    2. There is No Gold in the Idea

    We all know someone with a million-dollar idea. They never tell you too much about it, they act like it’s some great secret. Constantly worried that someone might STEAL their idea and act on it. They are afraid because having an idea is wasted without action. If you listen to enough successful people you will realize they keep nothing back. It’s all out there. They will tell you the step by step what they did to create wealth and success. You can even hire mentors and accountability coaches, which I highly suggest. They know that 99% of the agents that hear the idea will not stick to it. Some will try it once. The other will give it some time until they become frustrated. Very few see it through, but those that do understand the execution is more valuable than the idea. Fail, but just keep trying.


    The Master has failed more time than the amateur has tried


    3. It’s Not Time Management, Its Choice Management

    Time block your entire day. Get into the routine of having a routine. Your calendar is your god and it is to be followed by the letter day in and day out. Protect your dollar productive activities by making an appointment with yourself to have them done. Do not wavier because that only a friend or family member is in town. You respectively tell them when you can meet and give them options. Same for your co-workers and clients. Protect your time or people will take advantage of it.


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