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Baldwin County Home Values

What is my home worth?

Helping sellers track the value of their largest investment is one of Jason Will’s signature services. There is no cost or obligation involved, thus you can request an update on your home’s value as often as you like.

Jason incorporates active, pending and sold MLS data, as well as the county tax appraisal and multiple algorithm based sites to make a determination of the current market value of your property. That said, nothing is more helpful to the accuracy of his reporting than being able to tour your home in person. These onsite appraisal visits rarely take longer than 15 minutes and can be scheduled by calling Jason’s cell at 251-583-9728.

Follow this link to get order your FREE >>>> Baldwin County, AL Home Value Report 

If you’re having thoughts of selling, please take a moment to watch the video below to learn more about about Jason’s Certified Listing Program.