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Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in not best known for its size, but its visitors seem to admire its determination, the family friendly environment, and amazing dedication to the community. Opened in July of 1989 as Zooland Animal Park, the zoo has gone through many struggles but has maintained the happiness of its habitants and its customers. The zoo prides its self on giving you an up close interaction with the animals.

The zoo soon became known as “The Little Zoo That Could” after surviving being under twelve feet of water during Hurricane Ivan. The zoo officials managed to evacuate the animals and return safely after the storm was over. It created quite a buzz about the determination of safety for the animals and soon the zoo had its own TV series on Animal Planet. The only animal not evacuated was Chucky, a full-grown crocodile, who was later found roaming the surrounding area of the zoo.

The zoo has recently broke ground on the new facility located a few miles north. The new location will be all green from the ground up with the hopes of not only improving the lives of the animals, but also the environment by leaving no carbon footprints. It is in hopes that the new facility will prevent another incident like Ivan with its hurricane resistant buildings.

The Gulf Coast Zoo is home to over 290 animals, including monkeys, multiple species of birds, turtles, camels, lions, leopards, and tigers. The zoo is the only one in the country to house Bengal tigers in each of the species four colors. The also contains a reptile house and a petting zoo. You can hold baby kangaroos, baby Bengal tigers, or baby lemurs.

The Gulf Coast Zoo holds daily animal shows were you can interact with the animals as well as has a zoo camp and educational tours. The zoo maintains the grounds and the animals from admissions and donations. You can leave a little piece of you or your family at the zoo by donating funds and having your name etched in a brick that will be laid in the foundation of the new facility.

White Tiger on the Prowl at Gulf Shores Zoo