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    Anne is the kind of person that every parent hopes and prays their child will turn out to be when they grow up. She has the friendly personality, fortified by quick wit and a big, bright, beautiful smile, yet the depths of her kindness, the humility of her strength and the many layers of her intellect make Anne that complete package. Typically, the the baby of the family is destined to be a spoiled rotten little turd, never given the opportunity to learn the value of hard work and determination until it is too late for them to be anything more than a lost and wandering soul. Luckily for JWRE, this is not a typical story and Anne is anything but typical.

    She was born in Mobile, Alabama, the youngest of 5 siblings. There were 4 girls and 1 boy in the bunch and all of them had one thing in common, they loved sports. Anne liked volleyball and basketball but soccer was her absolute favorite. Anne also graced the floors of the Sheffield School of Dance and experienced the tumbling mat at Nasser Gymnastics, yet there was nothing quite like the thrill of competitive team play. Her foundation in soccer began at UMS Wright and culminated at the varsity level at St. Paul's Episcopal School. As much as she loved to compete, especially in big rivalry games against Bayside Academy, her most cherished memories were doing what she liked the least, running. Running was the only access to quality one on one time with her mom, so Anne would rise early and jog briskly with her mother under the big southern oaks of Ashland Place in Midtown Mobile.

    In addition to sports, Anne's devotion to the faithful service of others would define her youth and the trajectory of her academic career through graduate school. She was exposed to the needs of her community by the outreach and local missions of her church, Dauphin Way United Methodist, as well as through her parents' decision to begin fostering babies in conjunction with Catholic Social Services while Anne was attending Phillips Magnet School. Her family would take the babies at birth and care for them until they were eligible for adoption at 3 months of age, most of which were placed in permanent homes or sent to live with relatives within 6 months.

    Anne began her undergraduate studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and would complete her degree in psychology at the University of South Alabama. After graduation in 2003, Anne served as the interim Youth Minister at Dauphin Way United Methodist, while the current minister was called away on active military duty. This was a cherished time in her life, as Anne loved her job and met the love of her life, Lane. She was waiting tables at The Bakery to supplement her income at the church, when Lane Dorman made the fateful decision to stop for lunch. Anne remembers that the tip Lane left her that day was more than his bill, yet she was not ready to surrender her number to the budding young scientist. They would bump into each other again a short time later at a Halloween party and this time, Lane got her number!

    The two nerds were married in 2004 and moved to South Carolina so that Lane could pursue his Master's Degree at Clemson. There, they would have the first of their three daughters, Molly, while Anne was working for the Department of Mental Health. She and her team were tasked with developing the independent living skills of schizophrenic adults. It was hard work and only 2 out of 20 candidates would ever be able to acquire the skills necessary to live independently on their own. After graduate school Lane accepted a position in the field of hydrogeology in Atlanta. The next 5 years in Georgia were very busy for the young Dorman family, with the addition of Molly's two younger sisters, Epsie and Anna Elliott. Anne earned her Master's in Counseling at Mercer University while working diligently to improve the dysfunctional conditions in the homes of struggling families, so that parents who had lost custody to foster care could be reunited with their children.

    Lane and Anne would spend two years in North Carolina before deciding it was time to return home to South Alabama for good in 2014, so that they could be closer to family. Anne's mom still lives in the Ashland Place home they grew up in and 2 of her sisters live nearby in Daphne. Their kids love the coastal lifestyle of the Eastern Shore and spend much of their free time together outdoors as a family. Anne loves to swim, kayak, garden and volunteer in the community. She teaches Sunday school and leads a Wednesday night youth program at Fairhope United Methodist Church. She is a proud member of Junior Auxiliary of the Eastern Shore, PTC board member for Fairhope Elementary School and a soccer coach.

    Real Estate is one of the most service-oriented professions in existence and those who get into the business for the sole purpose of making money, will often have short-lived careers or succeed in spite of themselves. Many lack the fulfillment of the rich privilege being a Realtor can offer a person of genuine integrity. Anne's dedication to serving others is why we are all lucky to know her and why Jason Will Real Estate is so very fortunate to have her on our roster. She was a highly sought after new real estate licensee in Baldwin County and by the Grace of God she chose us and that faithful decision made our organization better in an instant. I think I know exactly how Lane must have felt when he finally got Anne's phone number!

    Anne Dorman
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