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    Brandi’s life began in San Diego, California amidst the inspiring seaside setting of coasts
    perfect for snorkeling, waves begging to be surfed, and beautiful beaches always waiting to be enjoyed. Naturally, Brandi grew attracted to all types of water sports and recreation, and
    spent endless hours water skiing, knee boarding, body boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving—you name it! A competitive swimmer throughout high school, Brandi also felt—and still feels—that she could never get enough of reading: consuming novel upon novel was not only a pleasure, but also the road to ever greater knowledge. Because from the very beginning, Brandi has purposed to constantly increase in comprehension; for Brandi, to not be constantly learning is to become bored, which is why she continually searches out new educational opportunities. To this end, Brandi has dappled in a variety of fields ranging from retail sales, the medical field, photography, and now real estate!

    Why real estate? Perhaps because the knack for purchasing and profiting from property runs in her very DNA; to understand Brandi’s position as a real estate agent, you must go all the way back to the 19 th century California Gold Rush…Shortly after the race for gold commenced, Brandi’s great, great grandfather set about purchasing extensive real estate in west Los Angeles. He owned and developed many pieces of property in the area over his lifetime, becoming a millionaire many times over. His son, Brandi’s great grandfather, followed in his footsteps, purchasing many orchards and vineyards in the Los Angeles area. A third time over, Brandi’s grandfather held and still holds extensive property in Southern California, and at the age of 99 he leaves all his property dealings to Brandi’s mother and her siblings. Thus, Brandi will be the 5th generation to enter the world of real estate. Plus, she also happened to marry into a family of real estate, with the history in her husband’s family dating back 3 generations to her husband’s grandfather and great grandfather, who owned and operated Meaher homes in Mobile for a number of years.

    It was at a high school party that seventeen-year- old Brandi met the quiet, handsome military
    man she would one day call husband. While married, Brandi’s husband served as a U.S.
    Marine for 9 years and the couple found themselves setting down roots in a myriad of
    locations, from California to North Carolina where they lived for about 5 years before finally
    settling down permanently in the beautiful Baldwin County area. Brandi and her husband are
    parents to 3 youngsters—2 boys and 1 girl—who all mirror Brandi’s own childhood vivacity
    and love of sports: between basketball practice, soccer games, gymnastics events, guitar
    lessons, and bike rides, the Day family calendar keeps busy! Brandi’s own affections still lie
    with a good novel or the chance to go camping, kayaking, and fishing, but she also loves being involved in the favorite activities of her children. And despite all the travels the military life occasioned, Brandi’s bucket list is still a mile long!

    Brandi is currently enrolled at American Military University, pursuing her degree in Business
    and Marketing with an added concentration in Real Estate. Having always excelled in sales
    and marketing, Brandi knows she is perfectly suited for this degree, and that it will propel her
    forward as a real estate agent. With a generations-deep passion for real estate, and a
    ceaseless desire for broader understanding, Brandi desires to become the go-to person for
    her customers as far as anything real estate goes. She explains, “I want my customers to be
    confident in my ability to fully represent them to the best of my ability.” And confident they
    can be. Devoted to her family and her clients, and not afraid to take the difficult path to
    achieve a worthy end, Brandi embodies the dedication and perseverance that characterize the
    ideal real estate agent.

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