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    Here’s the content that belongs in adventure novels! Just a glance at Kit Vadakin’s life,
    and you’ll be as excited to work with her as she is to work with you! To start off, she’s a
    baby boomer, born in 1949 in Oakland, California. Generation X’ers and
    Millenials…don’t be scared off!

    Kit moved south of Oakland at age three to San Lorenzo Village. The Village was one of
    the most magical places to grow up. As if character in a story book, Kit walked to her
    elementary, junior, and high schools until old enough to drive, never even taking the bus
    because… there weren’t any. No car-pooling either, no such thing. Doors were not
    locked; children played outside until made to come in; everyone rode bikes everywhere,
    along with roller skating, playing ball, building forts, putting on plays, and playing board
    games. During summer kids all had movie passes and swam at the local high school

    According to Kit, attending high school in the East Bay could have been the inspiration
    for the movie American Graffiti! School dances, football games, and cruising the strip on
    gas that cost 26 cents a gallon were all a blast. Her summer vacations consisted of two-week camping trips, right outside of either Yosemite or Calaveras Big Trees, with escapades like swimming in cold rivers, hiking, fishing, building camp fires, and driving the rangers crazy with summer crushes!

    Kit will be the first to tell you she loves baseball. Her parents were season ticket holders
    to the San Francisco Giants, so her dad would occasionally take her out of school for
    the game. She grew up watching the Say-Hey- Kid “Willie Mays” play amazing ball, and
    is the proud owner of a signed baseball bat. Together with baseball, Kit greatly loves the
    ocean, whether it be fishing, boating, or just getting wet. She worked as a life guard way
    back when, teaching high schoolers how to swim for a graduation requirement. And
    even now, her best life would be spent on a cruise ship: she is always ready for a
    spontaneous trip!

    After spending two years at the local junior college in Hayward, California, then some
    time at the University of CA in Santa Cruz, Kit got married, and what an episode that
    proved to be! Kit met her husband of 46 years on a blind date in 1971, planned by Kit’s
    childhood best friend who herself married an Air Force Navigator. Jeff Vadakin was the
    co-pilot on a B-52, training on the model they would fly in the Vietnam War. Kit invited
    Jeff to spend Christmas with her family the next weekend, then he was deployed for six
    months, during which time they wrote. Two weeks after Jeff returned, the couple
    married. According to Kit, it was the best wedding ever and the rest is history!

    Jeff separated from the Air Force in 1974, choosing to obtain his Masters Degree and
    Flight Engineers Certificate for the purposes of airline employment. During this time, Kit
    worked for Kenworth Trucks in San Leandro, CA, operating in Purchasing & Traffic and
    even learning how to drive a rig! When Delta hired Jeff, he and Kit wound up in Houston, TX, where Kit again worked in Purchasing & Traffic for ARAMCO (American Arabian Oil Company). She couldn’t imagine some of the bizarre things that crossed her

    When Kit’s first son was born in 1979, she became a stay at home mom. Kit labels
    these years of motherhood as the best job ever, her claim to fame. She was very
    involved with both her boys growing up: participating as room mom, going to book fairs
    and field trips, score-keeping at ball games, acting as umpire at first base, and even
    learning the routes as bus driver! Kit and Jeff have two sons. Wade has special needs
    and has been the bat boy for the Bay Bears for 20 seasons! He has his own locker for
    life in the players’ club house, his own baseball card along with the team every season,
    and a Wade Vadakin Bobble Head. Son number two is Jack, who joined the Air Force
    National Guard right out of high school, became an F-16 crew chief, and was deployed
    during his second semester at Auburn before returning to graduate from the University
    (War Eagle!). Jack is also a Black Hawk instructor pilot and member of the Army,
    currently based right here in Fort Rucker, AL. To say the least, Kit is a proud mom!

    This amazing woman’s real estate career spans 20 years here on the Eastern Shore of
    Alabama. Kit prides herself in knowing this area and the real estate market. She treat
    her clients as she would wish to be treated. In her own words, “I’m a good listener and
    will get you to the closing table in one piece!” For all your real estate needs, Kit is an
    accredited buyers’ agent, a certified Residential Specialist, and most recently, a Military
    Relocation Specialist. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or seasoned property
    owner, she will hold your hand the whole way. Upgrading or downsizing, local or out of
    town—Kit is your gal. Plus, she notes, working with JWRE is such an advantage for top-
    notch technology if you’re selling! Give her a call!

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