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    Brandi Payne: one of the most personable persons you ever will meet! If there is one
    thing that lights this lady’s fire, it is the thought of spending time with people, creating
    new friendships, and filling others’ lives with the same joy and fulfillment that have
    characterized her own life. Full of energy and ambition, Brandi has that quirky
    personality that causes her friends to laugh with delight, and her clients to return again
    and again for a little more of her infectious enthusiasm for life. Throughout the course of
    her career, Brandi has had opportunity to work with a wide variety of customers and co-
    workers: from her time as office manager for a family doctor, to her experience as flight
    attendant, to her ownership of a local hotdog stand, and more. At each new position,
    Brandi’s focus was always to provide the highest quality service of which she was
    capable, and to protect the interests of her clients through conscientious care of every
    detail involved. This same responsible work ethic would guide Brandi through years in
    the work force, to her newest adventure in the real estate realm, where she can, in one
    more capacity, bring great pleasure to an even greater number of people.

    The early years of Brandi’s life were spent in Gadsden, Alabama. True to fashion,
    Brandi quickly became involved even as a young girl in a variety of activities ranging
    from cheerleading to soccer to performing in the school band. After graduating with an
    advanced diploma from Gadsden High School, Brandi began her college career
    studying Early Childhood Education/Psychology at Jacksonville State University. It was
    during her studies there that Brandi landed her first full time job at age 21, as medical
    assistant and insurance clerk at a local family doctor’s office in Gadsden. After a few
    short years, Brandi was promoted to office manager, an appointment that supplied
    training in the fields of customer service and supervising operations—valuable
    preparation for the job to follow. For the next three years, Brandi worked as flight
    attendant for Delta Airlines, performing the myriad duties associated with flight safety,
    travelers’ comfort, and professionalism.

    With the birth of her daughter, Taylor, Brandi found renewed fascination with the world
    of childhood. She made—and still makes—a very devoted and involved parent, who has
    discovered fresh sources of inspiration not only from her daughter, but also from the
    precious story books that entered Brandi’s life as a result. A self-proclaimed lover of “all
    things childlike,” Brandi is particularly fond of The Elephant and Piggie series by Mo
    Willems, and Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann. This singular attraction for
    children’s books, though, is not entirely frivolous; rather, Brandi is even now in the
    process of branding herself as a children’s author! Unpublished as of yet, there are
    nevertheless books in the making, as Brandi daily acts on meaningful encouragement
    from Christopher Robin himself, that “You are braver than you believe, stronger than
    you seem, and smarter than you think.”

    Following the job that took her all over the world, Brandi returned to the medical field.
    But ever seeking an adventure, Brandi undertook at the same time studying at Culinard
    Culinary Institute of Virginia College, where she achieved her Associates in Culinary
    Arts. In true Brandi style, the next decade or so would be full of fresh experiences: several years would find her teaching at Twelfth Street Baptist Church Kindergarten and
    Day Care, followed by an extended period of training and supervising employees, and dutifully
    delivering excellent customer service in more than one arena. But favorite of all, she will
    tell you, is when in 2006 she became owner/operator of the cutest little hotdog stand
    you ever will see: Connie’s Coneys. Right in line with her personal philosophy, the
    mission statement of Connie’s Coneys allowed Brandi the chance to “serve the best hot
    dog in the South in an atmosphere that brings out the child in all of us!”

    A feisty lover of children, lover of button-up cardigans, and lover of her three darling fur
    babies, Charlie, Gypsy, and Squirt, Brandi Payne has recently also become a lover of
    realty. The motivation for real estate has really been with her lifelong, and has taken on
    different expressions over the years. Fortunately for Jason Will Real Estate, though,
    Brandi’s desire to love, help, and serve people, protect her clients’ interests, and build
    life permanent friendships, has finally culminated in real estate. Claiming extensive
    experience in numerous arenas, not only is Brandi well-qualified on paper for any task
    she puts her mind to, but also perfectly qualified in character, with one of her primary life
    goals being to follow Jesus’ command to “love one another as I have loved you” (John

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