Elizabeth Smith

    It was a New Year’s gift like no other…on January 8th, an excited, smiling family welcomed into the world the equally smiling bundle of joy that was Elizabeth. Vivacious and excited to begin with the adventure called “life,” Elizabeth wasted no time in discovering what she loved. As a young girl, Elizabeth realized her natural talent and affinity for home design—both interior design and architecture. But little did she realize that years down the road, after pursuing many other interests and investing in various fields of study, this same childhood passion would guide her back to a career all of its own: a career that would incorporate her love of a home’s visual appeal with her deeply ingrained desire to serve others…a career called real estate.

    The faint notion of becoming a real estate agent, though, would not take shape in reality until quite a bit later. Elizabeth’s early years were filled with hours and hours of poring over home design magazines and floor plan & architectural books—all the while subconsciously training herself in the knowledge and details she would one day choose to share with others in their own searches for the perfect home. Come afternoon, you may have found the bubbly golden-haired girl visiting her parent’s local Ace Hardware shop, where they diligently served their small community and in turn, instilled the admirable values of community service and family support in their daughter. Growing up in Valley, Alabama, with a population of less than 10,000, Elizabeth was able to take advantage of numerous opportunities to serve her community, and was actively involved in quite a few volunteer groups.

    These core values of family, service, and community inspired Elizabeth during her high school years to select a career in healthcare. Although her fascination with interior design and architecture had not waned, a firm desire to put others before self, and to find fulfillment in seeing others’ needs met, prompted the high school senior to choose Auburn University for her healthcare studies. The year 2009 saw Elizabeth graduate with her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences, but not finished yet, she returned for a Doctor of Pharmacy, which she achieved in 2013.

    Elizabeth’s college career was certainly not all textbooks and essays… shortly before graduating with her doctorate, Elizabeth married the man who had held a piece of her heart since the day they had met in high school during her sophomore year. The couple relocated to the eastern shore for Cole’s career in chemical engineering, and now parent two daughters who keep family time full of all things girl: dance recitals, vocal performances, and gymnastics competitions are only some of the events found on the Smith family calendar. All the while, Elizabeth has made sure to continue to give back to her community, offering her hard-earned skills in many local health-related volunteer groups. Some of her volunteer work includes blood pressure monitoring, diabetes counseling, medication adherence counseling, and visiting assisted living patients.

    Determined to not simply “go with the flow,” Elizabeth is excited to turn a new page in life and transform her dreams of interior design, staging, and working with homes into reality. Not only is Elizabeth excited for her own dreams, but she finds great reward in helping others make the dream of home ownership a reality. With Walt Disney (among others) an iconic figure in her life, Elizabeth desires to think outside the box in order to spend her time doing what she loves. And for this real estate agent, that includes loving the members of her community in a tangible way: keeping the home-buying process worry-free and joy-filled for her clients. A City Hope Church member, a spontaneous beach-goer, a Disney World traveler, and much more, Elizabeth Smith combines her girlhood imaginations with a life history of community service to bring you a well-equipped, superbly qualified real estate agent!

    Elizabeth Smith
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    Elizabeth Smith

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