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    The son of a Worship Pastor, Ben learned to walk between the pews of the Old Spanish Fort Baptist Church. His father taught him to love God and respect the uplifting power of music!

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    Ben Workman was born in the Mobile Infirmary and raised on the sun-kissed coast of the "Eastern Shore" of Mobile Bay. The son of a Worship Pastor, Ben learned to walk between the pews of the Old Spanish Fort Baptist Church. His father taught him to love God and respect the uplifting power of music, especially when played to lift the heartstrings of the soul. Ben attended Spanish Fort Elementary, before migrating over to the Daphne Public School System. His favorite sports growing up were baseball and basketball, yet the excitement of competitive sport was no match for the thrill of creating melodic sound through notes and lyrics. Ben's passion for music and his faith guided him down a familiar path and eventual leadership position on the youth worship team at his church.

    After High School, Ben moved out west to attend the San Diego Masters Commission. While attending bible college, Ben, true to his namesake, held down a wide array of jobs, from Creative Arts Director at San Diego Church to live production work for local concerts and events. Ben also toured all over Southern California playing drums in the acoustic rock band, "The Good Minus." He was having the time of his life, feeding his passions and basking in the SoCal climate, yet little did he know that his life would soon be turned on its side with a chance encounter with a beautiful blonde on a trip back home to see family and friends on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

    He was sitting in a buddies coffee shop in Daphne, when a friend of the owner popped in to say hello and order her favorite latte. Ben recognized her from brief social media encounters but seeing Amberly in person for the first time changed his life in an instant. He would return to San Diego the next day but not before getting her number. Prior to that fateful cup of coffee, Ben was convinced that he would never leave California but in the end, love would lead him back home. The couple tied the knot in 2011 and are enjoying life together in Baldwin County, along with two dogs and a cat.

    This same year Ben partnered with his brother in a production company, they named Dream Media Group. Their company, which is still going strong today, focuses on building custom websites, mobile app creation, live events, video production, as well as security camera installation. However, for as long as he can remember, Ben has always pondered the idea of a career in real estate. The core business of real estate, which is simply helping people, motivated him to earn his Alabama real estate license. In his own words, Ben describes the rewards of the industry as being able to "connect with people and help them find their happy place." Ben believes that the single most important aspect of the real estate transaction is communication and he prides himself on being both very reachable and responsive. If he is unable to answer his cell, then you can expect a prompt return phone call at his earliest convenience. Ben also believes in approaching every professional challenge with high energy, passion and devout loyalty to the needs of his clients.

    When he's off the clock, you will likely find Ben out on the water with Amberly and their dogs. Sunday afternoons are set aside for "family boat time”. Next to boating and fishing, Ben enjoys the simple joy of smoking a piece of meat to tender perfection on his trusty Green Egg. With Ben, what you see is what you get. There are no ulterior motives, just the genuine desire to help people and the kind of work ethic that breeds raving fans.

    Ben Workman
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