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    Lilly was born in Oregon and moved to Alaska with her family when she was a toddler. She spent the next 40 years living in Alaska. Lilly earned a paralegal degree from UAA after high school, yet found her calling as a wife to her husband, Richard and stay-at-home mother of three amazing children. She also supported Richard's construction business behind the scenes, managing client billing, staffing needs and endless amounts of paperwork for the better part of a decade. The seasonal nature of their local home building industry urged her husband seek the stability and benefits of the oil field, which afforded Lilly the ability to make running her household a top priority. Yet, Lilly has never been one to sit idle for very long, thus her living room evolved into a state run, in-home daycare for many years. Life was good but each passing year brought with it a keener awareness for the bodies disdain for frigid temperatures. When her oldest child, Zach, left the nest for college, she saw a window of opportunity to seek refuge in warmer climates. Richard requested a transfer south and a position in the southeast region was available. He would have responsibilities from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Mobile, Alabama, thus Lilly visited the towns along that stretch of Interstate 10 in search of an adoptive home. She was in search of a safe, small town that resembled the feel of the one she had been determined to leave behind. Her steadfast stipulations would eventually lead her further east across the brackish waters of Mobile Bay to Fairhope, a little town with a big reputation. With her family settled in the nurturing humidity of Coastal Alabama, Lilly began to focus on the fulfillment of a new career. She gained experience in the industry as an assistant for a HUD home specialist while completing the required coursework for licensure. Her construction background proved invaluable in her new career, as she was able to both help clients diagnose defects and determine more accurate estimates for potential repairs. It also reinforced her decision to become a Realtor, as she's a natural born listener with a genuine heart for people. Time away from the office is lovingly devoted to family. They are a tight tribe that enjoys the quality of family time. Their oldest, Zach is married and starting his own career. Her daughter, Allie, shares her mother's love for cooking, thus they are often inseparable in the kitchen. Her middle child, Lucas, loves a good road trip to parts unknown and basking in the simplicity of a day at the beach. Lilly loves to work with people and help them fulfill their dreams in finding the perfect home for them.

    Lilly Vinzant
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    Lilly Vinzant

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