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    The stellar level of talent we are attracting at Jason Will Real Estate never ceases to amaze me! When your Pastor's wife wants to join your real estate team, you gotta be doing something right! April N Johnny Hunt is an inspiration to Diana Munoz Will and I. She pushes us to be better spouses, parents, servants and Christians week in and week out. Our team and our company are so blessed to have her as new addition to our #JWRE Family! Please take a moment to read her amazing story below and be sure to visit her website!


    If you ask most natives of Northeastern Louisiana, they’d tell you that the best thing to come out of Rayville was country music star, Tim McGraw. That would seem like a safe assumption, provided that you've never been introduced to April Hunt, a stunningly beautiful blond with a burning heart for Jesus and an authentic desire to serve others. If you are fortunate enough to call April a friend, then you see her as we do, as an example of how to worship, how to lead others by example, how to raise faithful children and how to treat others as she would like to be treated. It is hard to grasp the fact that her life story has not always been picture perfect, that she too has walked through seasons of peaks and valleys. It was back in hometown, where an unassuming pastor changed her life by teaching her to embrace her past for the grace and wisdom it had to offer.

    Rayville is the quintessential small, southern town. A place where a dusty ballpark is the hub of local society and two one-way streets are the main thoroughfares in and out of town. In a metropolis of roughly a few thousand people, Sonic is where one frequents to see and be seen on weekend nights and gossip is the most cherished form of entertainment. April's mom was a hairdresser, and her salon was a like a daily town hall meeting of fiery discussions of who was doing what and to whom. Yet, April accredits her exposure to this adult environment for helping her to learn how to be an effective communicator. She too was very much plugged into the social scene, recognizing herself as a member of the popular crowd at school. Somewhere around age 15, her beauty began to blossom. Boys who had never given her the time of day, suddenly went to great lengths for her attention. Johnny Hunt was one of those relentless admirers. Once his eyes were opened by her radiance, he found that he could no longer see her as merely a friend. In a bold effort to impress April, Johnny, a bull rider, invited her to watch him ride a bull at the rodeo. She can't remember too many days spent apart after that first date and the couple would become husband and wife just three short years later.

    In preparation for their wedding, they sought the pre-marital counsel of a pastor in their community. In an effort to get to know them, the pastor began asking questions about their respective backgrounds. After learning that neither of them had been raised in the church, he began to lay before them the very basic principles of the gospel. The message was well received, as both Johnny and April felt the presence of God in that moment. The burdens of their pasts were suddenly replaced with a peace that surpassed their current level of understanding. They shared a mutual conviction to put feet to faith the very minute the pastor concluded that initial council session. April understood in that pivotal moment that God was the author of her story, that there had been a reason for every season, that each moment in time had left behind clues of both gratitude and humility, two emotions that might never have existed in a past void of pain. She left that fateful meeting forever changed by a newly enlightened outlook on the world, understanding that her life would never be defined simply by who she had been but rather who she chose to be from that day forward.

    April followed in her momma's footstep as a hairdresser right after their marriage. Johnny was conflicted with what the future had in store, torn between his new found faith and the lifestyle of a bull rider. Under the guidance of devout prayer, Johnny enrolled in bible college. After Johnny accepted his first position, April decided to go back to college and pursue a degree in early childhood education. Her mission was not only to become a teacher but to teach and love each child in her care as if they were her own. A culmination of events that followed let them to Cabot, Arkansas, where she was teaching second grade and he was on staff at nearby McArthur Church. Fatefully, someone linked to Celebration Church in Fairhope, Alabama came across Johnny preaching on television through the church’s tv ministry and thought he would be the perfect fit for their vacant lead pastor position. A long, intensive interview process gave way to an earnest courtship, as the entire Hunt family was invited to visit Fairhope during Mardi Gras weekend 2013. The church leadership put the hard sell on them, putting their family up at quaint Bed & Breakfast with a view of Mobile Bay. Their children, having never seen a coastline, were hooked after witnessing their first sunset dip ever so gently below the still surface of vast, brackish water. Come Spring Break, the Hunt's were full-time residents of Fairhope and April decided to leave teaching to focus on the transition and ministry at Celebration Church.

    As it turns out the real estate bug had bitten April years earlier, when she and Johnny were shopping for their first home in Shreveport, LA. With their price range being so low, she recalls having to tour upwards of 60 homes before ultimately making a final decision. That experience as a first-time homebuyer, the relentless pursuit of the American Dream, sparked a connection to the heart of who she was, a person devoted to the service of others. With everything in her life always being about God's timing, she never felt enough of a connection to an area or to the real estate industry prior to meeting Jason and Diana Will. Jason and Diana felt like the right business partners and Fairhope felt like the ideal community to justify her leap of faith. Real Estate was also a career that would afford her the flexibility to maintain her devotion to ministry, provide for her family and also give her the resources to indulge in one of her favorite disciplines, honoring God with her finances. Celebration Church supports an abundance of ministries, both home and abroad and April saw a successful career in real estate as the vehicle to bless her church so that they might have a deeper impact on those in need around the world.

    At this point, I would expect anyone reading this biography, who also happens to be in the market to buy, sell or invest in real estate, to be very much sold on why they should immediately hire April Hunt to be their advocate. However, if you're still on the fence let me point out that in addition to understanding the virtue of integrity and establishing value through the delivery of stellar customer service, April has a school teacher Type A necessity for organization, so much so that the DVD's in her car are in alphabetical order. She has the best interest of her clients in mind at all times, thus you can count on her to never make an educated guess as is related to a decision that could affect the outcome of the transaction. April is a self-motivated hard worker. In fact, being respected for her hard work is so important to her, that being called lazy is the most insulting adjective imaginable.

    When she is not devoting her time to the needs of her clients or her church, you will likely find April immersed in the life of a mother of three very active children. Gavin, Gage and Lexie-Grace are all three heavily involved in team sports. Her favorite date night is for Johnny to take her to a nice dinner and a movie. Her "me" time is rare and often spent immersed in the pages of adventurous non-fiction, decorating, watching a great movie or walking along Mobile Bay, where she first fell in love with the City of Fairhope.

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