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A Look Back at The History of Fairhope AL

Fairhope Alabama

A Slice of Paradise along Mobile Bay:  A Look Back at The History of Fairhope AL

“Whether it’s the brisk breeze swirling around the air by the water or the warm sun shining down by the pier, life in Fairhope has never been better and the people have never been happier to see you.”

Originally founded by a group of followers of famed economist Henry George, Fairhope, Alabama become a utopian environment for the 500 residents that first called the fair city their home. The second city to be founded by this special group of 28, the original developers of the town claimed the area to have a “fair hope of success,” thus claiming it’s name thereafter. Beckoning characteristics such as the expansive bluffs overlooking the beautiful Mobile Bay and the lush landscape encapsulating the mesmerizing 12-square-miles of territory, residents and visitors to the area have been finding joy around every corner of Fairhope, Alabama since 1894.

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The idea to construct a colony along the bluffs of the Mobile Bay came into fruition by a group of investors looking to create a single-tax colony, which fought monopolization of goods and services and centered around a community based on education and individualized success. John Dewey even focused on the progressive teachings curated by the education system of Fairhope in his Book, “Schools of Tomorrow (1915).”

The single-tax formula was (and still remains for certain areas of the city) a simple solution for land taxation; the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation leases the land to individuals and in turn, handles all government taxes with the collected funds.

Fast forward to the present, and you will find a few more businesses, but just as much charm surrounding the quaint Alabama city. The town is the perfect locale for decadent eateries, fine furniture and clothiers as well as picturesque scenery, typically only seen in the movies. Speaking of movies, Winston Groom, the author of Forest Gump, was raised in Fairhope!

With the colorful speckling of azalea blooms flowing throughout the township, to the antiqued buildings throughout the cozy Downtown area, visitors and residents alike, relish in the tight knit community and amazing location of one of the South’s most treasured towns. In 2007, Southern Living named Fairhope as the second best town in the South, giving credit to the wonderful slice of paradise.

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