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A Life Marked by Worship

The Identity of the Church, Part 2: Pastor Johnny continues his message this week on the true identity of the church being a unified movement built on a single, holy message to be carried among all its people. A message worshiped deeper than varying styles of delivery, cultural customs or religious denominations. Our corporate and individual identity as Christians is one of worship and our lives are meant to be an example of who we worship.

From which is born an essential question: Is it enough to simply give him praise for the life he laid down for us or is worship the true path to freedom?

Pastor Johnny Hunt of Celebration Church in Fairhope, Alabama points out that giving him praise for what he has done to benefit us is a good step toward his light but often not enough to feel the complete victory of his grace. Our mindset must be one of worship in times of both victory and defeat, through good times and bad and in seasons of freedom and confinement. Thus, we must remain committed to the principles found in his word, despite the circumstances that surround us in this life.

Our identity is our unwavering and steadfast worship, by which others will be set free. Even as hell breaks lose in our life, our faith in him remains unshaken. United we must stand in the face of obstacles and opposition. We must be known for what we stand for and become a living sacrifice, established on a position of victory and surrender. We must evolve our testimony from that of praise to one of worship and live a consistent life marked by worship, so that others may be transformed by our lessons of peace, love and hope.


A Life Marked by Worship, a Pastor Johnny Hunt and Celebration Church sermon summary by Jason Will of Jason Will Real Estate 251-866-6464.